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Dow market data, NSDQ market data, NYSE market data, AMEX market data, and S&P 500 market data. Free stock analysisand stock market data for US and foreign stocks. Find the latest market updates and market data for NSDQ, NYSE and AMEX stock exchanges. Click on individual stock market sectors or indexes for the latest stock market news. Complete financial market coverage with breaking news, analysis, stock quotes, stock pricesand before & after hours market data, research and earnings.

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In the stock markets, typical Market Data for NYSE, TSX, NasDaq, AMEX and SP 500 refers to quote and trade related-data associated with equity, fixed-income, financial derivatives, currency, and other investment instruments. The term market data traditionally refers to numerical price data, reported from trading venues, such as stock exchanges. The latest price data is attached to a ticker symbol and additional data about the trade. While the latest stock market news generally refers to realtime or delayed price quotations, the term increasingly includes static or reference market data related to securities that is not changing in realtime. In other words, anything other than streaming prices. While price data generally originates from the exchanges, reference data generally originates from the issuer. However, before it arrives in the hands of investors or traders, it usually passes through the hands of vendors or "aggregators" that may reformat it, organize it and attempt to clear obvious anomalies on a realtime basis. Today, the business of market data aggregation and reselling is changing rapidly, due to advances in communications in financial markets, as well as the technologies available to integrate multiple streams of inbound financial data.

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